Growing up on Lidsey Farm in West Sussex surrounded by the British countryside it was inevitable that Samuel Eggins would have a love for the great outdoors. With his family's farming background, he turned his attention from agriculture to horticulture, gaining his first position at the prestigious Goodwood Estate. Interviewed by Lord March himself he began working under the instruction of the head gardener Alan Sargent. Samuel quickly proved to be a methodical and energetic worker. He was soon tending to Lady Marches private herbaceous borders and maintaining the exquisite vast lawns within the grounds. Goodwood Estate was a fantastic training ground for Samuel to learn from some of the most experienced gardeners and practice the traditional gardening skills that we see less and less of today.

Since leaving Goodwood Estate, Samuel has worked at many different gardens ranging from; city courtyard havens, countryside meadows, traditional herbaceous country gardens, to seaside sun traps. His main focus has been carrying out full garden restorations, transforming neglected gardens back to their former glory and letting his clients enjoy the outdoor space as they once did. The restoration process is so important, it not only revives the garden, but Samuel incorporates a new infrastructure into the gardens which makes those arduous tasks like weeding low maintenance. Making future maintenance both time and cost effective.

Bygone Gardening was formed due to the demand and lack of skilled professional gardeners. Samuel Eggins really is a traditional gardener whose knowledge has grown with his experience while also learning from some of the industries experts. Looking forward he plans to pass on his expertise, skill set and work ethic to a new generation of gardeners to revive the future of this dying trade.